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Policies » Cell Phone/Electronics

Cell Phone/Electronics

Cell Phone and Technology Policy

Personal communication devices such as cellular phones and electronic devices such as tablets and ipods are valuable tools. However, within the confines of the school environment, the use of these devices has the potential to be disruptive. In an effort to preserve individual’s right to privacy, promote quality teaching and learning, and minimize campus disruptions, Waiakea Intermediate School has adopted the following policy regarding cell phones on campus.

  1. Students are discouraged from bringing cell phones to school.
  2.  Students who bring cell phones to school do so at their own risk.
  3.  Cell phones brought to school by students shall not be seen or heard on campus.
  4. Cell phones seen or heard on campus will be confiscated between the hours of 7:55 – Dismissal Bell
  5. Portable speakers are contraband and not allowed on campus regardless of the time.
  6. Cell phones can be used before and after school for communication purposes only.

Confiscation Guidelines

  1. Any school employee may confiscate a student’s cell phone
  2. Once secured, the cell phone will be bagged or packaged with the following information attached:
    • Student’s name, grade, team
    • Date and time of confiscation
    • Confiscating Employee’s name
    • Incident Referral Form  - contraband
    • Parents/Guardians will be notified
  3. The cell phone will be turned in to the office.
  4. The following consequences may be applied
    • Counseled and warned.
    • Parent contacted.
    • Returned to the student at the end of the school day.
    • After 1st offense parents will need to pick up phone from office
    • Picked up by parent from school at the end of the day 
  1. In the event that a student’s parent cannot be contacted by phone, a written letter informing the parent of the confiscation shall be provided.
  1. Posting inappropriate images/videos is a Chapter 19 Class B Offense.