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Policies » Uniform Dress Code

Uniform Dress Code

This policy supports Waiakea Intermediate School's mission to provide a positive learning environment that meets the unique needs of adolescents and their supporters.

This policy will support students, teachers and families in the following ways: ensuring that the standards of excellence are upheld at WIS; promoting school pride and unity; improving student behavior and safety; helping students focus on work and increasing their academic achievement; identifying non-Waiakea student visitors on campus; identifying WIS students on excursions and off-campus activities; reducing dress competitiveness, cliquishness and gang affiliation.


School is a place for learning and students are expected to dress in good taste at all school functions without becoming a distraction to others. Student’s attire should reflect the message of a safe a drug-free campus.

  1.  All students are required to wear a uniform shirt, effective first day of school.
  2. Any shirt purchased from WIS vendor or any administratively approved shirt (band, team shirts, school- sanctioned clubs, etc.) is permissible.
  3. Shirts shall not be oversized and should not be more than one size bigger than natural size. Shirts that are not tucked in must NOT extend below bottoms.  (No shirt longer than shorts length)
  4. Only jackets and sweaters with open front top-to-bottom buttons or zippers may be worn.  These outer garments are not to be worn in place of a uniform shirt and cannot be zipped up to the top to conceal their shirt. Uniform shirts must be visible at all times. 
  5. Shirts may not be altered (tied/knotted up, sleeves cut off, tie-dyed, written on, torn, etc.)
  6. Long sleeved shirts without words or designs are permitted under the school uniform.
  7. Bottoms must meet the following criteria:
    • No revealing body hugging, torn or ripped pants.
    • Discrete and appropriately sized pants, shorts and skirts (NO SHORTER than mid-thigh) must be secure at the waist with no undergarments or posteriors showing.
  8. Clothing, accessories, or visible markings which depict gangs, drugs, sex, tobacco, alcohol, profanity and/or violence otherwise deemed inappropriate are not allowed.
  9. Caps, hats, hoods and dark glasses are not to be worn or visible on campus, except for approved field trips, physical education activities. Any items of clothing that can be construed as gang-related or items disruptive to the school environment may be banned or confiscated
  10. It is highly recommended that students wear covered shoes at all times for their safety in and out of class. Flats or athletic shoes are recommended footwear for middle school students. Maximum heel height is two (2) inches 

Exception - For casual school-sponsored non-uniform events, students may wear of variety of tops including t-shirts, polo shirts, or blouses as long as the top is tucked in or worn out extending below the waistline, with no visible midriff or cleavage. Shorts must have a minimum of a 4-inch inseam measured from the center of the crotch along the inner seam. Halter, tank, cropped, single sided or tube tops; cut shirts, spaghetti straps, torn jeans; and clothing that is see-through, reveals underwear, is body hugging, or bares the midriff are unacceptable. For safety reasons, students should not wear high-heeled shoes.

Free Dress Days
There will be designated “Free Dress Days” that will be announced when students are not required to wear school uniform shirts. However, students are expected to wear appropriate clothing to school and any school-sponsored activities. The Dress Code will still apply.
The following additional rules apply to student attire on Free Dress Days:
  • All tops shall not be low-cut and must cover the midsection of the body.
  • All tops must have straps one inch or wider and be fitted under the arms; no strapless tops are allowed.
  • All undergarments (including camisoles) shall not be visible nor show through clothing.

*Administration reserves the right to make changes to the dress code policy as necessary.


All students are expected to follow the School Dress Code.  If not, the following may apply:

  • Student will be given a clean, t-shirt that belongs to the school. Student will be responsible for returning these shirts the next day in acceptable condition. 
  • When shirt is not returned or is damaged, student/parent will be responsible for replacement costs.
  • Student will call home and have parent bring a change of clothing if the clothing is unacceptable from the waist down.
Uniform violation consequences:
1   Student counseled and warned.
2   Student assigned lunch detention.
3   Student assigned wiki & lunch detention, parent notified.
4   Student assigned multiple detentions; parent notified.
5+ Referral to administrator, in-school-suspension assigned