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Food Service

Food Service
Waiakea Intermediate School utilizes PrimeroEdge, a computerized system for purchasing school meals. Each student will be issued a student identification/meal card at the beginning of the school year. Each card will include the student’s picture, name, and barcode representing his/her unique personal identification number (PIN). Student meal eligibility status is kept confidential at all times and will not be identified on the individual student card. Free and reduced lunches are provided to families who meet federal criteria. Applications must be filed each school year with the main office or through School Food Services.
This institution is an equal opportunity provider. 
Breakfast Service: 7:15 - 7:50
Breakfast Cost: $1.10 (Additional Breakfast Cost: $2:40)
Reduced Breakfast Cost: $0.30
Adult Breakfast Cost: $2.40
Lunch Service: Check Bell Schedule
Lunch Cost: $2.50 (Additional Lunch Cost: $5.50)
Reduced Lunch Cost: $0.40
Adult Lunch Cost: $5.50
Setup a schoolcafe.com account to check your child's balance. Register a parent account first.  Then, you'll need you child's student ID #.  You can also deposit to their account for a 5% fee.
Waiakea Intermediate Meal Tracker Policy
Deposits are CASH only.
Deposits must be made at least one day before it is needed in the account. 
Low balance reminders are sent home when balances reach an equivalent of one week's work of lunch, and are given to your child when they purchase a meal.
Loans will not be issued. Recommended Deposit: One Month of Lunch
Students are responsible for presenting their IDs to purchase meals.
If a student forgets to bring their ID, we allow 3 temporary IDs for the school year.
Parents will receive a phone call from their child before receiving their last temporary ID.
Parents may call the school to inquire about balances throughout the school year.
Phone: 981-7231
Office Hours: Monday - Friday; 7:00 - 4:30
Cafeteria Rules & Procedures
  • Behavior should support a pleasant dining environment.
  • Be polite and courteous.
  • Loud, disorderly conduct is not appropriate.
  • Please remove all hats/caps when entering cafeteria.
  • Food (including home lunch) is to be eaten in the cafeteria.
  • If not eating, please do not enter cafeteria.
  • Temperature sensitive foods (milk, hot meal items, etc.) may not be taken out of the cafeteria.
  • Sharing of food is prohibited.
  • Cutting in the meal line is not permitted.
  • Place bags/backpacks under the dining table or table bench.
  • Upon completion of a meal, students are to clean eating area of all trash, dispose trash in proper receptacle and exit cafeteria through designated door.
  • Students must obtain written teacher permission to take and/or eat meals in the classroom.
  • Students are allowed to buy only one (1) meal at a time.
  • Students are NOT ALLOWED to buy meals or snacks for other students.
  • Students, please have your ID card with you OR obtain a replacement card BEFORE you arrive to the cafeteria to purchase a meal. 
  • Purposely defaced/damaged cards will be confiscated and student will be required to purchase a replacement card.
Students not complying above rules and procedures will face school consequences.