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Students » ID Badges

ID Badges

All students are required to “prominently display the Official Waiakea Intermediate School identification (ID) badges on themselves at all times while on campus.  
How Do I Obtain an ID badge?
To obtain an ID see the front office.
What if I lost or misplaced my ID?
If you lost or misplaced your ID, please go to the front office.  The cost is $5.00. A temporary ID will be printed once a replacement ID is purchased. The replacement ID will be given to Homeroom Teachers when completed.
What if I am a visitor and don't have an ID?
All visitors are to report to the office to check in.  There you will receive a temporary ID.
Consequences for students not having your ID:
1.  Beginning of the school year (until all students are issued an ID)--Warning
2.  1st incident--Detention;  Parent notification;
3.  2nd incident--Progressive discipline and parent notification;
4.  More than 3 incidences-- Progressive discipline and meeting with parents.
Important Note:
Students are required to have their ID for scanning of the bar code for the Meal Tracker lunch system. If they do not have their IDs they will NOT be able to purchase meals.  Please make sure your child brings their IDs daily.
Should a student not have his/her ID, a good faith effort will be made to contact his/her parents.  If school is unable to contact parents, the student can purchase a new ID for $5.00.